Christina+Scott / by Tiffany Zabala

Christina and Scott would make any photographer’s dreams come true. Yes, they are gorgeous BUT their love is real and genuine and heart warming. Here is a brief description of their love:

“Scott and I met in college at Notre Dame de Namur University. I was a commuter, so we really only saw each other in passing and would give each other a smile and say the occasional 'hi', but truly admired each other from a distance at first.   It wasn't until Scott's graduation night, on Cinco de Mayo, in downtown Palo Alto where things really took off.  A night of laughter, drinking, and stories.... and then Scott finally asked me to dance.  We had our first date and Scott met my parents on night two of us dating and thought he would get me “back” by inviting me on a date and drove me straight to a family dinner night for our second date!  Scott left for a Europe trip and we video chatted every day to hold on to that spark we had. The night Scott got home he asked me to be his girlfriend and another month later we admitted how happy we were and exchanged our first "I Love You's"…

Fast forward 6 years of completely blending in with both of our families, traveling, adventuring, and taking on new experiences together. After two years of taking the leap of living together, we decided to spend the Labor Day weekend in South Lake Tahoe. A place that we both love and find as "our happy place" together. Earlier that day they hiked up to Grass Lake to swim and fish. Scott didn't give any hints as to what was to come later in the day. He had made reservations at Garwoods in North Shore for dinner, which we showed up early for to have drinks on the beach.  Scott asked for us to go out on the pier away from everyone to watch the sunset.  After many moments of avoiding other couples and looking for the perfect picture moment, Scott asked to have someone take our picture.  As I gave the woman my phone and turned around to get back in the picture.... he was down on one knee!  Scott caught me completely off guard and it quickly became a moment of love and emotion that we will never forget! Endless smiles, tears, and racing hearts. The perfect memory in our perfect place with each other.”

Engagement Session Location: Sutro Baths//Ring: Appelblom Jewelry//Dress: Nordstroms//Wedding Venue: Garnder Ranch, Carmel CA.