Baby CRU / by Tiffany Zabala

Mia+Andrew welcomed their sweet baby boy CRU on Father's Day while jamming out to The Theorist in the delivery room (if you haven't heard its a must)! This beautiful couple holds a special place in my heart as Mia is one of my sister's best friends. I watched her grow from a girl to a mamma and not only do I now feel old, I feel so extremely proud. They are already rocking parenthood. Side note you'd never know from looking at this photo above that dad was 6'7" would you ;) ? Scroll through photos to see Cru with dad's gigantic hand! Links below on where Cru's nursery items where purchased!

  1. Crib- Wayfair
  2. Rocking Chair- Wayfair
  3. Rug- Amazon
  4. Pouf- Cost Plus
  5. Lamp- Cost Plus
  6. Wall Art- Etsy 
  7. Dresser- Ikea